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Analysis of grating installation methods

Installation and clamping of steel grille plate: This method of fixing steel grille plate is also common. Generally, there are many steel grille plates loaded on mechanical equipment. The advantages of the fixing clamp for the installation of steel grille are that it is convenient to disassemble and does not need welds on the beam, and the galvanized layer of the steel grille will not be destroyed. But the price of each installation clip is not cheap. Generally, the cost per square meter should be increased by about 10 yuan. However, in some special projects, it is required that there should be no solder joints on the supporting steel beams, and that the zinc layer of the steel grille can not be damaged at all, and that the installation clamp of the steel grille can only be used to fix it. Welding and Fixing of Steel Lattice Plate: This is a common installation and fixing method of steel lattice plate. Generally, four points around the welded steel lattice plate can basically fix a steel lattice plate. If the steel lattice plate is often trampled by heavy objects, several more welding points should be added. The advantage of welding fixed steel grille is simple, firm and economical. But the disadvantage is that the galvanized layer of hot-dip galvanized steel grille will be destroyed during welding, which will lead to easy rusting of the welding joints of the steel grille. Of course, we can make up for it by spraying surface treatment. Welded steel grilles are generally used for long-term use and are generally not often disassembled. Angle steel inlay fixing method: This method is generally used for steel grid trench cover plate on pipeline trench. Two angle steels are fixed on both sides of the trench, and steel grid trench cover plate is inlaid in it. This method eliminates welding and clamping of steel grid plate installation. The fixing method of angle steel is simple and practical. It can easily take down the steel grille and repair the equipment under the steel grille. Disadvantages can easily be lost and stolen. Therefore, angle steel mosaic fixing method is generally used in factories and workshops, which is not suitable for outdoor use.