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The advantages of plug steel grating

Compared with steel plate or other material grids, steel grating with insertion under the same service conditions have the following advantages:

1. The design and structure is simple. There is no need to design the detailed drawing of the spliced steel grille, and we only need to specify the type. Our factory can design the layout for the customers.

2. Easy construction: One person can be enough for work with saddle clamp or welding on the pre-installed support. The pattern steel plate needs a lot of welding installation on site, and welding deformation is likely to happen.

3. Construction time saving: Installation of plug-in steel grille on site does not require secondary processing, and installation is fast.

4. Durable: After galvanizing and anticorrosive treatment before leaving the factory, it has strong impact and pressure resistance, and basically does not need maintenance in 10-15 years, so the maintenance cost is very low. The pattern steel plate is easy to be corroded by accumulated water. Generally, it needs advanced repair and anticorrosive treatment every 2-3 years.

5. No dirt: Plugging steel grille will not accumulate rain, snow, dust and so on, which is more practical for cold areas.

6. Material saving: Plug-in steel lattice plate has high strength, which is the most material-saving way under the same load conditions, and correspondingly can reduce the material of supporting structure. For example, the weight of inserting steel lattice plate W 100-253/30 and wrapping edge is 25.7 kg/_, while the weight of pattern steel plate is 423 kg/m2. Considering the different supporting components, the average steel can be saved by 15-20 kg per square metre.