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The characteristics of building steel grating

Building steel grating has remarkable green building characteristics and is a representative project of building energy saving. The advantages of building steel grating are good seismic performance, domestic demand driven by building steel and high degree of industrialization of building steel grating, which is conducive to promoting the technological progress of construction industry. What are the characteristics and applications of building steel grillage? 

1. The shape of steel grating is beautiful and durable. It has good anti-corrosion ability and beautiful surface after hot-dipped zinc surface treatment. Steel lattice plate has many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, large carrying capacity, anti-skid safety, easy cleaning, durable and so on. 

2. The steel lattice plate is welded into a steel product with square lattice in the middle. The steel lattice plate is arranged crosswise with flat steel according to certain spacing and cross bar. Mainly used for ditch cover plate, steel structure platform plate, steel ladder pedal, etc. The cross bar is usually made of square steel which has been twisted. Hot-dip galvanized steel gratings are usually made of carbon steel in order to prevent oxidation. It can also be made of stainless steel. 

3. There are two kinds of welding of steel grating: press welding and manual manufacture. The machine press welding uses high voltage resistance press welding machine. The manipulator automatically places the horizontal bar in the uniform arrangement of flat steel. Through strong welding power and hydraulic pressure, the horizontal bar is pressed into the flat steel, so that the solder joint is stable and strong. Hand-made steel grating is first punched on flat steel, then the cross bar is put into the hole for spot welding. There will be a gap between the cross bar and flat steel, but each contact point can be welded, so the strength could be increased.